Light and Illumination

When I visited the exhibition of “9 Lights in 9 Rooms – Spatial Illuminations” in the D Museum of Korea, I realized just how diverse one can use lighting as a source of artistic representation and manipulate that to give vastly different effects on various mediums. As I looked at the nine rooms by nine artists (“neon works by Cerith Wyn Evan to Dennis Parren’s CMYK fixtures that gave attendees colorful shadows” source) I saw that each artist uses it to deliver a distinct feeling, ambiance, or even environment to either really bring the attention to the light itself or the object that the light is illuminating. I think the concept of using light in artwork as its own subject is very fascinating since it’s something we see that illuminates other paintings or objects of artistic value all the time.

My favorite room / art piece of this exhibition would be Flynn Talbot’s “Primary” that is attached below as a picture. It was a very three-dimensional piece that interacted in a compelling manner with the illumination (especially since light is highly associated with space as well).


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