Kirsten Lepore’s Stop Motion

After watching Bottle in class, I was surprised by how much sympathy Kirsten Lepore could make me feel toward inanimate objects that don’t even speak. The quality of the piece was stunning and all of its elements came together perfectly to form a touching narrative.

I also love Adventure Time, so I was excited to watch Lepore’s stop motion work on one of the episodes. It did not disappoint. The episode starts off with two characters discussing how some people “whack everyone else out with their bad jubies.” In other words, some people have bad attitudes that bum everyone around them out. The characters are then attacked by a sentient storm cloud that threatens to destroy everything in sight, but they sing and convey “good jubies” which cheer up the storm. It’s a simple, cute tale about treating others nicely, and leaves the viewer much happier than Bottle. In addition, the stop-motion animation is flawless, and there’s even an interesting behind the scenes video. I would highly recommend checking both out. 


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