Emergent Behavior: Movement in Still Images

When approaching artworks and their composition, many times we are often restricted to basics: foreground, background — and a lot of the time, we are also restricted to still forms. Thomas Jackson, in his new work titled Emergent Behavior, has found a way to momentarily show movement in a variety of different perspectives using many different mediums to do so.

His work depicts different colorful objects: umbrellas, paper plates, tutus, streamers, lollipops, and more: and physical composes them such that they may look scattered and loose, but are actually carefully placed using thin filaments in order to capture the motions he wants exactly.

He also plays with the idea of the interaction between forms: the man-made objects which are the subjects of his works mimic the forms and shapes that the backgrounds that the Isle of Man provides. The pieces clearly show moments of movement and dynamic form, but upon reflection, we are still reminded that they are 2D, still images.

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