Giant Art Installations at Music Festivals

Big teams of artists, builders, and creatives have the job of creating enormous art installations at music festivals across the globe such as Coachella, Austin City Limits, and the like. Material from metal, foam, and various light fixtures are used to create jaw-dropping pieces that stand out both in the daytime and in the night sky. Some recent works include huge installations of an astronaut that displays footage on its helmet, a large butterfly, and even colorful buildings that light up a gradient of colors.

The installations are complex, large, and beautiful — but because of the nature of festivals and their uniqueness, they are often torn down the day or day after they are put up. However, some artists are not concerned with how temporary their art will be, and rather are honored to be featured to such a large audience.

Gabrielle Sierra goes more in-depth in her article here about the intricacies of working on such a large stage.

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