Big Beautiful Data

BST Example

One thing that has become more and more evident in our increasingly technology-driven world is the leverage that data grants to those who know how to use it. While one can argue that data has long been a factor in our lives before the modern era, and would be right to say so, the growing tech mentality of society has also brought with it an increasingly appreciation of what many now call a buzzword: “Big Data”.

I am a computer science major. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, intermittent in the monotony of the never-ending work and sad, sleepless nights that accompany my career choice, I have moments when I can’t help but appreciate the raw complexity and ingenuity of the data structures which I’m studying. Shown above is a Binary Search Tree, whose invariants a majority of computer science students learn in their first year of studies. Although it may not fit what most people would say a formal definition of art, it too is the result of a passionate programmer, who in a fit of ingenuity created a work that has since spread throughout the industry of computer science. I think that that’s pretty cool, and am glad that data is finally starting to turn some heads.

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