What is your favorite album artwork of 2018?

This year has seen the release of many highly-anticipated music albums from some of pop culture’s most significant (and controversial!) icons. Before I listen to a new album, my first impression before hitting the play button always boils down to one thing: the album cover! I feel that many artists use this medium as a sample of what is to come, and so I was wondering…..What was you favorite album artwork this year?

In my opinion, Kanye West’s 8th studio album ‘ye’ had one of the coolest album covers! When I first saw the incredible shot of the mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming- I thought a professional photographer must’ve taken the shot. However, as you can see in the tweet pictured below…

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 4.03.36 PM.pngI was wrong. Kanye took the shot on his way to the listening party… This was very ironic and very Kanye and made for the coolest album cover of the year for me because it represented the common human tendency of procrastination and leaving things till the end. Something that we talked about in class was how an image makes the viewer feel and what immediate thoughts pop-up. Even though there was a lack of preparation in Kanye’s artwork, it still demanded attention from the listener with the ironic, controversial green text over the sublime shot of the mountains. It even became a meme short after. The cover (featured image) is posted below!18e681f85b131f95236ff468f2a8125a.png

What was your favorite cover of 2018? Please reply!

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  1. Aayush S says:

    Check out Kaytranada’s album artwork for 99.9% – by far my favorite album art done by Ricardo Cavolo.


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