Abstract Perspective

Going off a bit from Julie’s post about Instagrams made me think to one particular account that always makes me stop scrolling through my feed to appreciate and think a little bit more.

The account is called @AbstractSunday, managed and created by an artist called Christoph Niemann and the posts feature different doodles on top of/embedded in photos of everyday objects and/or everyday scenes. For example, in this post, he uses paper clips and manipulates them slightly, but mostly uses additional drawings to visualize the paper clips as beach chairs. In this post, he uses a fork to act as the body of a giraffe. In this one, he uses droplets of water to represent bubbles in bubble wrap. One of my personal favorites is this one, where he uses headphones to shape the face of a gorilla.

Niemann, in his art on Instagram, has taken everyday sights and objects and has created new art using his perspective; it reminded me of the exercise in class where we had to find the ‘opposite’ of a certain image, but this time, instead of taking the image and thinking about its opposite, he wanted to find similarities between its literal composition and things, scenes, and objects with similar shapes. In doing so, his art also somewhat relates to our lesson in Illustrator in manipulating shapes to our advantage.

I love studying his art because it makes me appreciate how even simple things like paper clips, silverware, and water can be manipulated to our advantage in our art.

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