Never Finishing Anyt-

writersblock-900x563Welcome to the art of the unfinished. Where ideas are scrapped and progress stopped short. The trash bin is full of untold stories, and if only we held onto them could we see content in what is incomplete. Sometimes, we don’t realize, the next big thing only takes the un-crumpling of a piece of paper.

In every sketchbook holds never-before-seen chapters of an artist’s life. They could be worth a meager sentence or an entire cinematic trilogy–you never know until you sit down and give each page another flip. A lot of the drawings and writings won’t ever be finished or polished. And that’s okay, because perhaps when you stop drawing is when you learn the most. When you put the pencil down and take switch perspectives from artist to audience. Even when you decide something’s off, or wrong, or not worth continuing, you learn from the mistakes and can apply them in your next piece.

I have like, ten to fifteen unfinished sketchbooks lying around somewhere in my house. Maybe I was lazy when it came to just finishing up the last few pages. But even still, I have a backlog of some rough ideas, and can refer back to them whenever I–


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