In August Ai Weiwei, a Chinese artist known for his activism, studio in Beijing was razed by Chinese authorities. The studio housed years’ worth of Ai Weiwei’s sculptures. Ai Weiwei has been critical of Chinese authorities, in 2011 he was detained by the Chinese government for 81 days. After his release he was accused of tax evasion, Weiwei has stated that these charges were politically motivated. His passport was confiscated until 2015, since then he has moved to Berlin. Sources say that the destruction occurred without warning, therefore making it impossible to remove all the works of art stored in the studio.

The destruction of Weiwei’s studio violates the freedom of expression. Ai Weiwei’s team should have been warned about the destruction, without that warning irreplaceable artworks are now rubble. In my opinion this is a form of censorship, and it forces you to question how much influence should the government have on one’s art.



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