Bianca Bello’s Stunning Abstract Gifs

I was scrolling through my instagram today when I came across this post by graphic designer Bianca Bello. It’s a quick little gif animation ad for Gucci’s new fragrance. What intrigued me about this gif, in addition to its bright colors and fun shapes, was her caption on the post:

“i created this blooming abstract animation in partnership with @gucci for the gucci bloom #nettaredifiori fragrance! the colors and blooming shapes were inspired by the floral scent of this perfume, which instantly transported me to a meadow of flowers blowing in the breeze”

Usually we only think to pair images with visual (and sometimes tactile) cues, but this image is intended to invoke smell. The idea that the colors and shapes can represent scents really speaks to the power of art in representing the senses.

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