Keeping it Simple: Artie Vierkant

NG-MARCO-Time-Machine-023-1Art and technology are becoming more and more intertwined as we speak. A lot of people have switched to using a Wacom tablet, iPad pro, and other different electronic tools to digitally enhance their work.

Where artists differ is how much they let technology shape their work. Some would only use Photoshop for a subtle tweak, others start from scratch with online software.

Artie Vierkant’s work, however, is LITERALLY Photoshop. Some of his works consist of only one click of the gradient tool. While it may seem too simple to be considered a work of art, when install in its massive size, it presents beautifully.

Artie wants to speak about the intersection of technology and art. His works are inherently simple in how they are made, but can speak volumes about design and minimalist aesthetics.

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