Fresh Guacamole – Stop Motion Animation

Fresh Guacamole is by far my favorite stop motion animation film ever. Only lasting 1 minute and 40 seconds, it is a film that is able to capture the audience with a powerful feeling of entrancement that non other film is able to do in a mere 1.5 minute span. As the shortest film ever nominated for the Oscar for the Best Animated Short Film category, it is a beautifully crafted video that is the product of PES’ (the animator) genius mind and appreciation for puns (i.e. when you dice the dice, it multiplies into more dice). Though many people say that there is a lot of different interpretations and meanings behind the film, PES hasn’t officially spoken about the message of the film, preferring that the viewers are able to either figure it out or open it up to various interpretations. Another film by PES is Western Spaghetti, another stop motion animation clip that I really enjoyed and would recommend. Having worked on animating in Photoshop for project 2, I further realized how much tremendous work is required to animate things and gained more respect for animators like PES who are able to create and bring to life their artworks.


link to PES’ youtube channel / fresh guacamole

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