Who decides what art means?

As someone who appreciates art but is no way trained or talented, I always wonder if I have an incorrect interpretation of a piece of art. It always seemed to me that others with more knowledge/training/skill have more “right” interpretations.

I recently watched a TED-Ed piece  that analyzes the different opinions behind artistic interpretation.

Some argue that the artist’s original interpretations should be disregarded, since they would distract us from the quality of the art and our own opinions.

Other’s argue that the artists intended meaning was the only possible interpretation.

And other’s are in the middle, saying intention of the artist is just a part of the pieces beauty. They believe that intention is important to understand the overall meaning of a piece, but the individual interpretation can take the art elsewhere.

I think I align most with the first opinion. It’s exciting and intriguing to understand different peoples’ perspectives, and none of them should be unaccounted for. The original artist’s meaning is irrelevant to any one else’s opinion, but it should be valued the same as any other interpretation.



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