Put in Perspective: Kim Jung Gi’s Talent

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Easily one of the most difficult techniques in drawing, perspective takes a lot of planning and practice to get right. In fact, most artists would use a ruler and use the “two-point” tool. Photoshop understands this challenge, and gives you a grid tool to make it all easier.

But one artist doesn’t need it. No planning, sketching or layout is required. Whatever image pops into his head, he can draw with no difficulty. His name is Kim Jing Gi. Kim Jung Gi demonstrates a mastery over drawing in perspective: fisheye, bird’s eye, you name it. And he doesn’t make mistakes.

When the audience looks at his works (which are usually impressive in size), they are immersed in a dynamic, three dimensional array of different people, each with face and personality. The art is extremely busy in some areas, but is evenly leveraged by negative space. He can even draw from multiple perspectives in one piece. All without using an eraser.

Kim Jung Gi is absolutely peerless when it comes to freehand and perspective drawing. To be so fluent in translating ideas to paper, that’s something I hope to achieve one day, too.

You can follow him @kimjunggius

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