Don’t Sleep and Draw!

post 7Ever feel like after an exhausting day, your mind all of a sudden invigorates itself and you’re just a few details away from the next bestseller?

Millennials are now sleeping later and later, clashing with the 9-5 conventional workday. While some choose to follow in Benjamin Franklin’s footsteps and hit the hay early, others choose to sacrifice a few hours of beauty sleep in order to be a bit more  productive. And oftentimes, they may find that it works.

Study shows that when you get tired, your brain loses the ability to concentrate. In addition, during the second half of the day, the brain tends to release more dopamine, which increases the probability that the person is in a peak positive mood. The release of cognitive inhibition and good attitude allows for an increase in chance that people are able to connect ideas more easily.

In addition, the latter half of the REM sleep phase is known to be associated with creativity. There are many miracle examples in which a discovery came in the form of a dream.

So, night owls, use the extra hours wisely!

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