Is Coding Art?

post 5

As I sat on my tush at 2:30 a.m., mindlessly typing away on Eclipse and running the debugger incessantly, I asked myself:

“Is this art?”

Can computer science and coding be translated into art form? After all, it shares certain qualities:

  1. The creator is usually frustrated.
  2. There’s always room for improvement (ex. better style, runtime, etc.)
  3. Every line typed, just like a brush stroke, is an integral part of creating the whole piece.
  4. If one component is off, then everything is off. EVERYTHING.

We even see that nowadays, many artists are learning computer science to help them create digital work. Perhaps, coding is a form of creative expression, and I can say I’m an artist in his underwear, hopelessly slaving away at his next masterpiece.

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