Musical / Sound themes

In light of film composer Ramin Djawadi‘s long-awaited Emmy win for his work on Game of Thrones (and Westworld), and due to our work with sound interpretation, I wanted to highlight film composing as an art form but also appreciate his musical genius!

I thought about how we are creating something visual from an audial experience, but how interesting it is as well for other artists to be doing the opposite: creating an audial experience from visuals. His works are compared to that of Hans Zimmer, and digging deeper into the subtleties in his work for Game of Thrones is incredible. From having different theme tunes for each House (and weaving them together whenever two Houses meet on screen in battle), to matching instruments/voices based on cultural similarities, Djawadi has quickly become one of my favorite artists to not only study to, but to listen to in general.

His work in Westworld takes contemporary pop and rock classics and spins them perfectly into songs that build a Western/Sci-Fi masterpiece of a world by changing tempo, tone, and depth just like we took the abstractness of sounds and visualized them into black and white pieces.

The relationship between seeing and hearing is usually something that occurs in tandem, but it is very interesting to see the concepts play off of each other.

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