The Rise of Self-Depreciating Music Videos

i love it

Roughly two weeks ago, music producer Kanye West released the music video to his first collaboration with artist Lil Pump: a catchy, provocative song that features the duo dressed in comically over-sized clothing dancing to the beat. Titled “I Love It,” it is the most recent in the trend of music videos that depart from the traditional grittiness and bravado attributed to the hip hop genre, and instead rely on humor as their entertaining element. Given reports of Kanye’s recent struggle with bipolar disorder and depression, the video speaks to how rappers more than ever are imbuing their music with a more lighthearted tone. From artist Lil Dicky’s “Freaky Friday” to Tyler the Creator’s “Potato Salad”, these works are a testament to artists finding a healthy outlet from the stress of regular content creation.


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