The Statement in Fashion

New York Fashion Week began last Thursday and with it models, influencers and celebrities are running around the city in the hottest trends. This season designers were about making a statement. Designer, Jeremy Scott took his final bow in a shirt reading, “Tell your Senator NO On Kavanaugh.” Additionally, in Scott’s Spring 2019 collection there were jackets and sweaters covered in words like, “RESIST,” “REVOLT,” and “PEACE.” This Fashion Week also saw the rise in inclusivity, shows included models who varied in sizes, as well as including models who had disabilities, such as Down Syndrome. Opening Ceremony is known for using their shows to make a statement, and incorporate forms of arts outsides of design. This year Opening Ceremony’s Spring 2019 show is a celebration of Drag and LGBTQ, the shows starred over 40 LGBTQ models and drag queens.

Pyer Moss’ show was also statement making in an ode to black culture, the event was held in Brooklyn’s Weeksville neighborhood, which was one of the country’s first free black communities. One outfit asked, “SEE US NOW?,” while another t-shirt read, “STOP CALLING 911 ON THE CULTURE.” Pyer Moss designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond asked black artist Derrick Adams to create 10 uniques works for the collection, the portraits portrayed black families participating in everyday/mundane activities. The fashion industry, and nearly every other industry in the world, is still struggling to combat racial inequalities, which is why having a show like Pyer Moss is so important and powerful.

Fashion is a form a art, and in my opinion art is meant to be thought provoking and statement-making. So far New York Fashion Week has designers making statements, and proving that fashion has sense of meaning and can be representative of the current social/political climate.

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