Designing the Physical World

Tyler the Creator, one of my personal favorite rappers, has been busy the past few months. After releasing several remixed singles on his Youtube channel, Tyler took things to the next level by redesigning his flagship GOLF store in Fairfax. Throughout all of his creations, whether it be a physical product, or an Internet good through videos and music, I am intrigued by how Tyler is able to create consistency in his designing. As someone who is trying to learn how to paint in his free time, I struggle with understanding how one creates a brand that without having text or knowing the artist, you already know that it is by them. Tyler has done an incredible job tying his music videos, album art, merchandise to a physical retain space. Understanding how design manifests itself not only on the screen but also in the physical world is something I wish to learn moving forward.


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.50.25 PM.png

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