Idols and Inspiration in the Music Industry

A video going viral on social media this week shows rapper “Hopsin”, a California-based producer, reacting to a shout-out by renowned rapper Eminem on the latter’s newest album drop “Kamikaze”. In the video, Hopsin can be heard in hysterics after the line mentioning the name, expressing surprise that Eminem even knew he existed, and ending with “S***, I gotta call my mom!”. hopsin

Hopsin’s reaction is a refreshing break from the drama and fighting we’re more used to hearing from among those in the music industry. His reaction of almost child-like glee reminds us of how powerful acknowledgement from another artist can be. It’s good to see how veterans of the music scene are inspiring younger artists by giving them the recognition they deserve, and how new artists being pushed to continue doing what they love. No doubt Hopsin will be spending some long nights in the studio after this.

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