The Hype Surrounding “Ugly Fashion”


Balenciaga recently released a new jacket and it costs around $9000.

Designed by creative director Demna Gvasalia, the coat consists of seven layers intended to protect its wearer from the cold. As said under its description on Barney’s, “It’s comprised of a combination of plaid shirts, jersey hoodies, and technical fleeces, featuring cuffed sleeves, two front patch pockets, a drawstring hood and a coordinating hem.” But who will seriously buy this coat and what’s the deal with the “ugly fashion” trend.

Ugly fashion made its rise in 2017 and has shown zero signs of slowing down in 2018, this jacket being a profound example. Balenciaga has capitalized this trend with its previous fashion lines: the pink croc-like clogs, sock shoes, and clunky dad sneakers. What brings these unconventional fashion pieces to the runway and forefront of social media? Maybe it’s the effort to seem customizable and different. Maybe its charm comes from the price tag. Maybe it’s a way to break from societal norm and experiment with one’s own creativity. Who knows!

For some, the “ugly” trend is practical and very cool. So if you feel happy stomping confidently in awkward clothing, go for it and make the splurge.



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